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Inspection Report

The results of our inspection are provided to you, at the time of inspection, in a quality ring bound book that is divided into tabbed sections. We will also record Selling and Listing Agent copies and deliver them to you at your site.

As the Inspector goes through the property, he inspects hundreds of items. In each section of your book, there is an inspection checklist sheet which is divided into two parts. The component section of the sheet tells you the type of construction, and the deficiency section grades each item inspected, from perfect to failing or anywhere in between.

Each item on your inspection sheet refers you to a glossary, or encyclopedia, which further describes the construction type or the problem. This information includes repair and maintenance techniques and obscure disclosure information which is uniquely suited to the property.

We also recommend that you use the book as a storage system while you own your property. As you make repairs or upgrades, just tuck the bill or report in the proper section. Then you will have a complete tax record, as well as a baseline description of your property. This places you in a strong position for negotiating a future sale. Never search through 10 years of records again! The book is full of helpful hints and tips, for repairing single items and for help in determining when to call for repairs.

The following items, if visible, are surveyed during a Standard Inspection:


Sprinkler system connections to potable water supply, earth conditions near the foundation, fences, gutters, patios, driveways, decks, retaining walls, property drainage, and much more.


Roof condition and future probabilities, flashings, sidings, garage doors, windows, doors, etc.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

Fireplaces, chimneys, gas lines, heat exchanger, evaporator/condenser, compressor, combustion air, ducting and registers.


Visible gas and water lines, water heater, laundry, faucets and valves, drains, pumps, oil tanks, LPG tanks, etc.


Service panel, wire size, loading, aluminum wire, service drop, grounding, doorbell, weatherhead, GFI circuits, generators, etc.


Shower, tub, wash basins, toilet, faucets, flooring, walls, ceiling, ceramic tile, counter tops, mirrors, etc.


Water damage, walls/ceilings, flooring, weather-stripping, firewalls, smokealarms, hand and guard rail, electrical outlets, cabinets, doors, etc.

Kitchen and Appliances

Oven, range, range hood, dishwasher, refrigerator, flooring, sink, faucets, drains, lighting, disposal, remodel effect, etc.


Foundation, attic, basement or crawl space, framing members, insulation, venting, clearances, bracing, remodel effects, etc.